Our Mission

Honda Xcelerator is a program designed for tech innovators across all funding stages who seek to transform the mobility experience.

Honda has created this program to engage innovators in an open and friendly environment.

The program offers funding for rapid prototyping, a collaborative workspace, and pairing with Honda mentors.

Honda Xcelerator is run by HSVL, the open innovation arm of Honda.

What We Offer

Funding for Prototyping

Seeing is believing. We provide you with NRE funding to help you develop a rapid prototype.

Collaboration Workspace

You will gain access to our unique collaboration workspace located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The space includes state-of-the-art tools to assist all prototyping activities.


See your prototype in action. You will have access to Xcelerator vehicles and vehicle data to develop, test, and refine your prototype.


All Xcelerator companies are paired with our network of Honda Mentors. Mentors share their knowledge and will help guide your prototype development.

How the Xcelerator Works

Submit an application.

Select candidates are invited for a follow-up demo.

Identify value creation opportunity.

Define rapid prototype.

Acceptance into Xcelerator.

Collaborate with Honda to build a PoC prototype.

Innovators demonstrate their prototypes to Honda development teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Xcelerator is a program created by Honda to collaborate with breakthrough IT innovators seeking to transform the automotive experience.

The Xcelerator is designed for companies across all funding stages and favors breakthrough tech over incremental innovations.

There are no set quotas or batch sizes. We operate under rolling admissions.

The Xcelerator does not take an equity state. We provide NRE funding to create proof-of-concept (PoC) prototypes.

Typical engagements last anywhere between 3-6 months.

Prototypes are used to quickly showcase the innovator’s technology to Honda executives and to demo to development teams for their consideration.

Honda recognizes the important role that advanced technology plays in today’s vehicles. We aim to be the first to production with these technologies – a process that starts with developing a prototype in collaboration with tech innovators.

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